Rug Selection: Choosing A Style

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An area rug offers many benefits to a room. Not only are area rugs practical since they provide warmth and comfort to our feet, but an area rug is like an artwork for your floor! The style of a rug should always match the style of the furnishings and dcor in the room.

First, narrow down the choices. Start by deciding whether the new area rug will be the focal point in the room, if it will balance with other main pieces, or if it will be subtle in comparison to other features. These questions will help determine if the rug should be light or dark, and whether it should have a bold or subdued pattern.

If the area rug will be the main feature in the room, feel free to choose a rug with bold colors and patterns. If an area rug will balance with other furnishings (such as a patterned sofa and chairs), then its extremely important that the rug uses colors that relate with those items; the rug should also have a pattern that blends well and does not compete with these pieces. However, if the area rug will play an entirely supporting role, be sure to use understated patterns and select a rug that incorporates nicely into the color of the room.

The next step is to analyze the style of the room. Is it Traditional, Modern, Romantic, Tropical, Cottage Style, Mission Style, or Eclectic? If the room contains several elements in a recognizable style, then its a good idea to match the feel of the rug to those characteristics. On the other hand, if the room seems to lack a particular style, then an area rug is the perfect opportunity to make a statement that can define the character of a room. For instance, if a living room has beige walls, beige furnishings, and beige carpet with no defined style, adding a dark rug with a large tropical leaf pattern can instantly give a boring room the feel of an airy Tropical getaway! In this case, the room is a blank slate; selecting an area rug in a preferred style can be the beginning of a successful decorating scheme for any room!

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Rug Selection: Choosing A Style

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This article was published on 2011/01/13