My Chic Shag Rug Style

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The funny thing is that I've been gathering shag area rugs and wool, sisal and bamboo rugs long before anyone told me my rugs would be "in style" or cool or trendy. I even have a zebra rug made from real zebra that I purchased while living in Kenya.

I think it's funny when someone sees my Greek flokati rug, all goat hair shaggy and a little tatty from being dragged around the world, and says, 'oh you really know what's in style!" and I laugh. I bought some little Hellenic rugs from a Greek merchant on some island for a few Drachma (before the Euro) and never once thought they might be what some New York loft designer would pay a fortune to have for a chic client.

Your Shag Rugs from Greece to Ganges

I understand not everyone has a career that allows them to travel and collect rugs from around the world, but it's possible to have almost anything you can dream of these days by shopping online. Even Greek flokati shag rug merchants have websites and small Buddhist rug makers in Tibet manage to somehow get their rugs noticed online.

If you've ever been to Lhasa (the capital of Tibet) you will know just how funny that phrase sounds. And it never ceases to amaze me that while I have been in an Indian Bazaar haggling prices with a rug merchant, and sacred cows are strolling past, and mother's are bathing their babies in the polluted brown water's of the holy mother Ganges river, someone's mobile telephone rings and a minute later, from out of nowhere, a turban-bearing sadu-looking carpet trader pulls a laptop out from under a pile of rugs and logs onto the internet!

Distant Shaggy Sheep

What this means to you is that you can have the best, softest, weirdest, wildest and most authentic shag rug or wool area rug from Persia or China or Tibet or ...New Zealand or Greece, delivered right to your door without ever having to set foot outside your door. So go ahead! Get a shaggy rug from somewhere strange and wiggle your toes in the warmth of some distant shaggy sheep.

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My Chic Shag Rug Style

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This article was published on 2010/03/26