Clear The Air On Rug Cleaning Myths

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Have you decided to buy a rug? Want to enhance the beauty of your living room? Then look to buy a carpet which will be suitable for your needs. A rug is a main addition to your new or existing home and rug cleaning is an important function which keeps it looking new and lasting longer.

However, many people believe a lot of myths surrounding rug cleaning. Hence, it is equally necessary to clear away these myths and know the truth which can help you accomplish proper rug cleaning methods.

Following are some common rug cleaning myths and their exposed folly:Money Can Be Saved By Purchasing Inexpensive Rugs

Many people make the mistake of purchasing rugs from dealers who givethem at discounted rates. Buyers think that they are being offered a lucrative deal without realizing that it may not be suitable for them. The material used for making such a rug may not be durable or resistant and prove to be useless for you after a little time. Hence, you should look for a rug that is worth your purchase and is of higher quality.

A Rug Just Bought Doesn't Require Cleaning

This particular myth can also prove to be very costly for you. This can be the situation when you believe that a newly bought rug doesn't need to be cleaned until it looks dirty. However, for example, if you buy a rug at a flea market or from a street vender, it may have already gathered dirt. Then, by the time you actually see dirt on the rug and decide to clean it, it has already been damaged. This happens because tiny microscopic particles enter the fibers and damage the material, ultimately causing the rug todeteriorate.

Any Stain Products May Be Useful

Consider buying just those rug cleaning solutions and stain removing products that are specially formulated to take care of the material of the product. These stain removal products will not only clean, but will help in enhancing rug's longevity. Many cleaning products are too strong chemically for certain materials and need to be avoided as they will damage the rug.

Deodorizer Powder Will Keep The Rug Fresh And Clean

This is one of the most common myths. Deodorizer powder contains tiny particles which settle into the fibers of the rug and are not easily removed, making it all the more difficult to clean. If you have sprinkled this powder on the rug and then use water to clean it, the process of drying will cause white spots to appear on its surface which become more stubborn with repeatedcleanings.

A Rug Is A Waste Due To Pet Odor

In case your pet has soiled your rug, it can be treated with an enzyme based pet odor remover instead of throwing it away. Pet stainscan also be successfully removed with various products.

By now, you should be clear about the myths of carpet cleaning and better understand the truth behind them. Therefore, you can save your rug from being damaged or thrown away. Focus on purchasing only those rugs which are durable and resistant and not made from cheap material. Want to stay healthy? Then do not forget that rug and
tile cleaning are both necessary for your home to be free from dust, germs and other infection carrying sources.

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Clear The Air On Rug Cleaning Myths

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Clear The Air On Rug Cleaning Myths

This article was published on 2011/07/23