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An oriental rug is usually handmade with hand woven or hand tied knots on the back of the rug. These knots can rub against a hard floor surface if they are not protected. The best protection for an oriental rug is by using the proper rug pad. A solid felt rug pad is always best to use under an oriental rug as this will act as the protective barrier to prevent any damage or wear to the rug.

There two types of solid felt rug pads: one is a 100% felt jute and the other is a felt and natural rubber combination rug pad. Both types of felt rug pads are excellent for oriental rugs and the main difference being that one prevents the rug from slipping while the other doesn't. If the rug is smaller and tends to slip, then the felt and rubber rug pad is best. If the oriental rug is either big enough, heavy enough or weighed down with some furniture, then it really does not need the non slip rug pad and the 100% felt jute is substantial.

The way a dense and solid rug pad works in protecting an oriental rug is that it acts as a barrier between the oriental rug and the floor. The back of an oriental rug could often push and rub against the floor, leading to eventual wear of the knots of the rug. The knots of an oriental rug are what keep the rug intact and if they start to wear, the entire rug will start to show wear. A solid and dense rug pad plays a very important role in prolonging the life of any oriental rug on any hard floor surface.

When choosing a felt and rubber rug pad for oriental rugs, be sure the rubber is a natural rubber and not an imitation rubber. This plays a big role in actually preventing slipping as well as being safe for the floor. An imitation or synthetic rubber rug pad will eventually harm the floor by sticking to it. A natural felt and rubber rug pad will provide the protection needed to the oriental rug as well as to the floor, while also performing as a non slip rug pad for years to come.

For oriental rugs that do not require rubber rug pads, the 100% felt jute rug pad is excellent. When choosing a felt jute rug pad, try to get one that is made of 100% recycled felt and is needle punched together into a compact and dense rug pad. The density of the rug pad is one of the ways it is able to prevent wear and stress to any oriental rug. A 40 ounce dense felt jute rug pad is perhaps one of the best felt rug pads to protect an oriental rug. It is about 3/8 of an inch thick and very dense to resist all pressure against the rug.

Oriental rugs are an investment and it is important to protect the investment with a quality rug pad rated as best for an oriental rug. try to avoid the rug pads with holes in them or any that are described as latex or imitation. These types of rug pads do not provide protection for the long run and may end up costing much more money in damage to either the rug, the floor or both.

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Best Rug Pad for Oriental Rugs

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This article was published on 2010/11/05