Aesthetics to consider when buying rugs

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Buying a rug or a carpet is often central to any form of interior décor. Before you actually set out on buying your rugs, your first task would be to do some ground work. This would involve selecting the area where you would like to place this rug. Once you are settled on the place the next would be to measure the area that it would cover. Look into whether any part of the carpet will go under the furniture around. Once you have your dimensions in place, you will be able to go out and look for a rug that best suits the area.

One of the major banes of the rug industry is that some countries make use of children in the making of rugs. If you are dealing with an earnest rug dealer, you can be sure that they will not have anything that is made by children. Some other considerations are the weave of the carpet. You could opt for something that has as little as 30 knots to an inch or some others that can come with as much as 300 knots to an inch. The more the number of knots you have per inch, the more intricate the design will be. You will also need to decide on whether you want a carpet with a modern design or one that comes with an ancient Persian sort of design. Each of these have several categories in themselves and you will have to choose one that best suits your décor.

In terms of types of rugs, you have the hand woven ones that are the strongest since there is a huge amount of labor that goes into them. There is also the hand tufted. Here a design is put on to the back of the carpet and then threads woven into the design. It is less labor intensive and therefore more economical. When you buy the antique sort of dyes, you can be sure that some natural dyes are used in coloring them. Often this forms a significant portion of the cost of the rug.

The material that the rug is made of is also quite important. Those who are connoisseurs of carpets often prefer handspun wool. Though machine spun can give you unmatched uniformity, the handspun versions have their own beauty.

Buying a rug involves a certain amount of research and an understanding of what will look good. Therefore, buying something on the spur of the moment is not advised.

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Aesthetics to consider when buying rugs

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Aesthetics to consider when buying rugs

This article was published on 2011/11/12